Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crazy cat woman

im sorry for never ever blogging
im just
im busy
but yus
i want an ipad
but really....not at all
theyre huge
whats the point
its like a laptop that can break waaay to easily
and costs 800 bucks
or 400
but yeah
hahahha i have te pee and im going to skyoe lizzabeth.... maybeh
oh yeah
Happy fucking valentines. :)
sorry that was usnescesary
i guess i just dont really believe in valentines day
isnt love complecated enough as it is??

Monday, February 8, 2010

moments ill never forget. :)

what is your favorite movie.
ive never been able to choose.
but i deffo have movie moments i will never forget.
i dunno where i got this idea.
just thinking about sarah and my rockin childhood.
and all our fav movies
so heres a hole bunch of rad movie moments that u can remember
and giggle at
or be amazed by
or you know
just cry a bit
lifes a rad thing. :)
yeah there might be some actual life moments
and some video games

First off thers lotr
just so many of those
i might as well start there
just for pure epicness
ok so anyone who knows me knows i madly in love with legolas
so here you go

best scenes ever!

i cant find the other one
but no one can forget when legolas slides down a stair case on a shield
and kills like 10 guys at the battle of helm deep

and of course when aragorn discovers that merry and pippin have been killed
(he thinks)
and kicks a metal helmet and falls screaming to his knees
this anguished screaming wasnt fake ladies and gentleman
as viggo mortensen kicks the helmet
he breaks his toe
and screams in pain
yussss for good timing.
im moving on beofre i bore you all
who can ever forget these wonderful dentistry trained fish blabbling on about god knows what
theyre all just great

What did I miss? Am I late?

Root canal and it's a doozy.

Root canal, eh? What did he use to open?

Gator-Glidden drill.

He seems to be favoring that one. Hope he doesn't get surplus sealer at the portal terminus...

and of course dory
she can sing
she can speak whale
and she cant rememebr a thing
OH and shes ellen degenerous
how cant you love her
Sea monkeys got my money
yes, i am an natural blue

another one i just cant get enough of
mean girls is a winner

Charlies angels
who can forget the three gorgeous girls
breaking into redstar dressed as men
(or a fiery female boss who likes to whip her employees all while wearing a leather mini)
Thats talent

ahhhh and the end battle of the first pokemon movie
with tear jerking music
and pickachus never give up attitude your almost crying for ash and his friends

i mean seriously
who doesnt love gerard butler wearing no clothing
epicly cutting arrows off his shield
kicking prosecutors down wells
and taking everything you got
oh, am i the only one?
hmmm *shrugs shoulders* more for me

Stick it.
everyone loves the overly sarcastic haley graham
but of course there is the judges are just jealous speach
which as a performer i tell myself everytime im back stage

and then there is wei weis beam routine where she pulls out er obviously fake beam routine
and rocks my world :)

little mermaid
her never ending dreams
her overly strong will to live
to be happy
we all lover her
you got to
she may make mistakes but COME ON
...oooooh im getting into disney

pretty much my lifes motto right there
i love this song
i love this whole movie
It IS my favourite movie
theres no denying that
ahhhh mulan
love of my life
i love this whole movie
every time she saves china i feel just little better in side
of course just the idea of a disney princess who can get something done
ahhh we all love
At last, my arm is complete again!
success right there.
over dramatic scene ftw

and while were on that

i love this scene
Link_and_Zelda.jpg Love image by Link_ilia

zelda and link should just do it already
im sorry :)

i am going to continue this
i have jazz

Thursday, February 4, 2010


so im updating this from the parking lot at safeway
i know im cool
but yes
i appreciate being able to update my blog while my mother buys herself tea
i know
hahaha but she better hurry up
or im going to eat her up
i actually may hand in some french
i know
i have
why is its even nescesary
it should be renamed
why you should disrespect your teachers 101
so bad

Monday, February 1, 2010

Damn it.


ok i appoligise

its just such a sad story

no blogging.......


ahahah i blog now

but im not sure why

considering im at sassquads

want to shuck a baby later?

i know i do

hahah i love olympic torch relays


hahah rad

nom nom
i love random product placement
and cool painter guy
i get to go to the closing ceremonies
it better be that cool