Saturday, October 10, 2009

This is where I scream From!!!

Why do our hearts betray us this way?
Why are they allways fighting against what you want them to do?
Against whats right?
Why do they want to hurt us?
Why do they allways change their minds?
A descision should last forever.
Not change.
So why do my opinions change.
Why do the descisions i have made, the ones i thought i wanted.
End up to be wrong?
Why do i yell at myself inside my head.
Fighting from both sides of the problem.
My wants? My needs?
Who cares!
Why cant i do whats right and be happy with it.
Why cant i think things through and never make mistakes?
What if i want smooth sailing?
No sleepless nights.
No endless problems.
No Problems!!!
Who made them?
When did they start?
Who had the stupid idea to give man kinda a conscience?
Why do i have to feel bad?
Why? cause i should!
Oh how i wish i didnt!
How come i cant go back?
Fix my problems. So i dont have to deal with them?
How come they have to allways be there sitting at the back of my mind,
dampening my spirits.
Making my day move by just that little bit slower.
Making it that much harder.
What if its not my fault?
Why should i have to deal with it?
Havn't we all had enough?
Why doesnt it ever stop?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep 'Cause everything is never as it seems

I hate september!
well it sucks
to much drama
jimminy crickets!
my head and my heart are colliding; chaotic
ahahha but i have mr. pirate
he may have been anal raped, beaten with a board
and developed severe symptoms of H1N1 and aids
but he loves me :)
hes a great snuggler :P
science world shenanigans are fun!
i can make cool knots!
i wish
Throw a stranger an unexpected smile :)
i want my mommy to come home
i miss her
This is when i start to bite my nails
and clean my room when all else fails
ooossh! i love avril lavigne
..i really liked my hair today
just thought id let you know
you as in the internet
cause no one reads this ...... but who cares
i like to write it
its fuunn
what id we stop having a ball
what if the paint chips from the wall
i know all i do is write lyrics
i am just fail that way
chase you with the rolling pin , well , what if i do?
uhhhhh dishes
i must leave you my lovely world wide web
annnd who ever else is insane enough to actually read random peoples bloggers
not that i do that or anything