Monday, August 10, 2009

my brain is like this circle and theres all these boxes floating in it and when they hit the circle thats what i think about! :D

i have returned from the dark side
...muahahahahwell of corse im not lying
i would giggle ...... :P:D
hi! im amanda
im not surewhat do i do?
pretty much be random
im good at that
tee hee
only not im to tire
seee i just missed a letter
and even though i have to type explaing it
im to lazy to go back and fix it :D
i dont like working
it makes you tired
well i love it
but im tired
im a fricken entrepeuner
i dont how to spell that
saaaaddd facce
i sell candy all day
but i do it with 2 of my best friends
and we have fun
although ...
well i love candy
but i need to stop eating it
i will be one of those people who sit in their rooms and be fat
...but that would be fun
me and my bestest friend are gonna randomly curl our tommorow morning
her curling iron has magically disapeared
...i just moved and i really hope my mommy doesnt make me unpack randomness tmmrw
ive been working to much
i wanna do somin fun
this has gotten very slow
its too late for me to be interesting in any way
i just sang you i little a little jig
ahahahha i sound like a leprecon
leprecons are irish
did you know im kiwi
and a turtle.....and a panda
but a kiwi because im half new zealandyyyy
and im a citizen
cause i pwn
i feel like skipping rocks
because i wanna go camping
my family and all our family friends go on this annual camping trip
it pwns
we go the last week before school starts up again
but its still the part of summer we look forward to the most
but my nanas coming at the end of the month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and my granddad!!!
all the way from new zealand
tooo see me
they pwn
im stoked!
erlllackkk a pongoes!
i smell
....dont ask
ahahha cause you probably dont wanna know
even though the only person who willll probably ever read this allready knows the story ahhaha
im to lazy to write any more
that was my dieing birdish dinosaur impersonation
you likey???



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