Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I met you once and ive fallen for your notions


i felt like being cheezy

and i had no idea what to write

so there you go

but cheese is good


but i do have the best friends ever

my bestest friend came over today we curled our hair and then we walked around town

joking about how we were to gorgeous for the hick town we live in ....:P HA!

and counting how many old creepers checked us out!


but we do have a lot of those in terrace

soooo me and my friends own a business called candy stop

we selll candy

and some old guy came up to us and was like

heheheh it should be called pussy stop

we were like ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :S

and then well my friend was holding up our stop sign and fail curtsying

some guy was like ill give you $20 to dance all day

we were quite creeped on that day

but its funn ..... and creeepy


I am going to a bollywood themed birthday party tommorrow!

im pretty much stoked


my boyfriend left to go for a camp like 3 days ago

....and truthfully i had no fricken idea

ahahha i called him today and his brother was like hes at a camp in the queen charlottes

i was like oh...ahahhaha

and its not like were lame square little gr8 types

i would ussually know i was just to lazy to call and i thought he would call me eventually

but nope

he isnt even in town

i laughed

it was great


you know the new movie about like gerbils or somin

it looks pretty much pimp

i pretty much just wanna see a movie

but im broke

saaaaddd faaccee

oh welll i will deal with watching disney movies

which pwn btw

ahhaha i watched beauty and the beast today

ive watched like every disney movie this summer

except pochahantas

which i wannna watch reallly bad!!!!


but ive only watched them cause i live at a cabin on the lake for most of the summer

yeah the lake pwns its so relaxed and beautful

so i get over the fact that i sometimes have no friends to see

i just lay in the sun look at the pretty mountains

or go canoeing but usually 2 of my best friends

live just down the street so i have lots of company

their names are dane and kyle they are twins

and i have known them forever but theyre in africa and i miss them lots

their those family friends that everyone usually hates

only i have a lot more family friends and they all pwn

we have great times

AHAH i really want an electric scooter

im stoked

you dont need a liscence

they are awsome

I have a new friend

her name is jodie

ahahha shes Jodie my big fat chodie!!!!

ahahah shes friends with tennille

and she came down here to visit her

she is awsome

but shes allready gone home and i allready miss
her tis sad
i enjoy wearing manly clothes
nice baggy clothes
because im a man
a gay man
in a womans body
but shhhhhh its a secret
thats why i have my gay lover SCOTTTY!!!!!!
hes the bomb
extremly bomb worthy
and hes extremly sexy
im very sad he doesnt like woman
other wise hed totolay be mine
BAHAH jay kay!!!
buuuutttt im to lazy to write any more and this has been extremly random
so i must gooo
pip pip

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