Thursday, April 1, 2010

I want you to want me.

Dear small screaming girls across the street, im not sure why you are finding entertainment in screaming in the bushes....but it is fairly annoying. It also makes me worry.....are you being raped? molested? abused in any form? this is a serious matter. i am tempted to phone the police just because those horiffic screams make me worry for your well being. The number is 911. fyi. and if my guess is wrong? well then hallucination is usually not a good thing and you should get off any drug you are currently consuming. Good Day. :)

that was my latest status update. ONLY NOT!
im was like 100 words over the maximum i mean whats with that???
i just wanted to vent
drunk LGs girls are annoying
i mean...theyre not even old enough to make good decisions
like come on ... one of them is dating my brother
where is the good decision in that?
no im kidding
he good boy
i dunno why they all want to grow up so quickly
its stupidio
like i can understand getting drunk once or twice
like come on
everyone loves it so much you gotta get curious
but getting hammered every weekend because it will make you "cool"
oooh yeah
everyone will like me when im pissed
oh yeah....why did you want them to like you again?
it makes me mad
cause they are all so small and theyre just going to ruin their lives
and there is nothing i can do about it

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