Friday, January 8, 2010


thats all there is to it
it is what it is
so stop worrying
it seems like its going to last forever
but before you know it youll be at your wedding or laying on your death bed
which also makes me think.
is your death bed the place where you die?
or the actual bed.
which could mean
you could own your death bed your entire life
although i somehow doubt that
hmmm freaky
back to the point
dont let your problems get you down
yeah i have forgotten this lately
its just been to much for me
but really
who cares?
it will allways get better
even if only for a short period
and your problems will eventually end
and everything wil be good again
just the way we all like it
and why shouldnt we
we all like being happy
its one of the best feelings out there
just like being loved
climbing into your big comfy bed with your favourite pillow after a long day
listening to a new playlist
staring at your brand new 800 page book
or watching the sun slowly descend into the horizon
knowing that tomorrow youll have a new beginning.
those magical moments are what we all strive for
what we love
what we need

....but when we forget these things
it becomes too much
we forget how to deal with our crappy lives
and break down
fall into a heap on the floor
and cry

but its life
and it is what it is
not anything else
so live it
and forget about your problems
because they may seem like to much but when your older
youll realize it was nothing
because thats really what your problems are in this big green world

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