Monday, January 18, 2010

Now inside shes lost it. She broke down from wanting. Hes pulling her heartstrings. This must be a mistake. Predictable reaction.

were all crazy
recent discovery on my part
oh yus
where does the toetag go on a person if they have no toes??
i just left u and went for a run on my beautiful runny thing
i shouldnt be aloud to leave things on my bed
its so big and puffy ...and everything just goes missing
its sad
really it is
i really need to my hmmrwk
thursday is the official day when im going to come home and do my rom and jul work
cause its needed
and even a bad mark is better then o%
and i have other stuff to do
im still missing that wrksheet that we did way back when
i asked her for it
she never got it
im so excited for second semester
my elbow hurts
so my semester buddy is chelly
its exciting
although im going to miss having janine as a semester buddy
its a sad story
but happy
cause i have science and gym with chelle
and still gym with janine
so the best of both worlds
but we are just gonna rant about dance ALL THE TIME
and mr marleau is gonna kill us
but he likes me
so its all good
and hes super easy
but im afraid ill fail the provincial
but really if i do all my hmmwrk....
pfft thats never gonna happen
well i still allways get like 89 in his class
whuch is decent
considering i hand everything in late
i shuld stop that though
nodds enthusiastically
im the biggest prcrastinator ever
its bad
really bad
like so bad
im on the computer right now
i have hmmwrk
shes like im gonna teach u how to jazz dance
lets start with calypso turns
...cause u know its so beginner
and she has the worst arms of my life
hmmm well shes not that bad
just annoying

hahah best thing ever

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