Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I keep trying to sleep but its really not working for me.

How am i finding these?
ANYWHO. As i was saying before......
Why is god so superior? I never truely understood that fact. Everyones like well he did this and this and this. But really, why is that so impressive? Like, i have nothing against it, and feel free to enlighten me. But why is it so impressive? They have kinda proved the whole he created everything theory wrong. Like maybe he did create the earth but the fact that he created everything on earth has so much proof going against it. Like come on. I implore you to see reason.(sorry harry potter quote) Like even my crazy catholic teacher got over that fact he had some odd theory that mixed evolution and the story of creation together in a way that made sense. I supported that. Other then that we all praise him because he sent his son to die for our sins? But how exactly did he release us from our sins by dieing.? I appreciate it and all. But im just not really sure how i benefit. Maybe i missed this day in school. And once again i say feel free to enlighten me. I just dont understand. Cause reall yeah ok sure he sent his son to die for our sins. But isnt every second father in America doing that right now? Their sons are fighting in Afghanistan and such to release the states from sin. Cause isnt that what killing people for oil is considered? yeah i duunno. maybe these men deserve more praise. I applaud them. :)

And then theres the fact that we do all this so we wont get sent strait to hell. But you see that confuses me. Why are we avoiding hell again? Yes, ok heaven is supposed to be perfect. But ive never really had a thing for perfect. And the idea of not being bale to sin, ever. Really bores me. And yes we are supposed to fear Satan. OOOO the devil. But doesnt the teachings of the church say that Satan is still on earth spreading sin? (Not even mentioning the fact that jesus was supposed to return 30 years after he died and save us from Satan. or am i wrong?) So, Heres the dealio. Im supposed to fear hell cause satan will torture me in hell. But satan is on earth. Why do i fear hell again? Its warm. I like sinning. YAYY. so truely i just dont understand any of it. It just confuses me. And im supposed to be sleeping. But this is what was running through my head. SO i rant. and sleep now.

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