Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And history books forgot about us. And the bible didnt mention us, not even once. You are my sweetest downfall. I loved you first. :)

ossh my head hurts
then why am on the computer you may ask
because i am an addict!
...and because my mom has all the advil in van
except for this stuff
...and it has caffiene in it
like wtf
so now im gonna have caffiene running through my veins
and ill never fall asleep
i want food soo bad
im afraid ill barf it up
but maybe it will help
i would risk that chance
...if i had any food in my food
i found a cookie
i have frozen french fries,eggs,cheese,and cereal
like comeon
i cant just eat eggs
that could turn out interesting
it would be very breadless
and i would have cereal if i had milk
and i would have cheese ...except i dont like cheese
i am contemplating making fries
...even though it will take forever
and they dont have instructions on them?
i will fail
....be afraid of the old theyll inherit your soul
i need some emo poetry in my binder apparently
after me comes the flood
im sorry lyrics all the time
i cant stop
i want foood!!!!!!!!
why is the movie cheri still here?
i have a strong urge to watch it
but that equals head ache
soo i must not
ahhh the light hurts
i sound emo
like your momma last night!
what now?

i can make lists!!!!
are u excited
i am
i can make numbered lists and block lists
but i cant really post a video
i could post a link and all
but no
list time

My favourite things ever.
  1. cho momma
  2. cho mommas face
  3. cho face
  4. pie
  5. you :) (my wife) (that one male who is the only other person who reads my blog)
  6. noms
  7. zelda
  8. punching your babys when ur turned the other way
  9. blogger....(lies)
  10. cho mommas pies face

Oh what now?!?!

why am i still on here

why is this being double spaced

what a waste of paper

....only not cause this doesnt require paper

It smells like god in here so take off all your robes.

thats right

i did just say that

pip pip

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