Monday, November 30, 2009

My signing stream of consciousness!

I cant stop singin
its never gonna end!!!!!!
those were my veryy own lyrics
because im actually singin them
and i actually cant stop signing
like seriously
for the last 20 minutes
i havnt stopped signing
and i doubt i will ever stoooopppp
because i like bugging my brother
with my beautiful of key voice
and i wont ever STTTOOOOPPP!
annnd i just sand all of that
in this cool manly voice
and im singing it right now
i feel low and husky
like a man on steroids!
annnnd you like it!
but mmmy doggy is cute
annnd im writing you a sonnng
as we speak
beneath the stars
and this makes no fricken sense
but i really cant stop
and it wil never end for the rest of my life
and i hope it truly bugs you
yes truly truly bugs you
because all i can think of is NOOOTTTESSS!!!
and they wont leave my head allllooooonne
so i sing them out for paullyy to heaar
and i wont ever stop
its like a disease
it freaks me out
especialllyyy since i am lacking lyrics to sing along wiht my notes
and i fear if i keep singing my voice will surely die
but i cant stop singing
cause my hearts still beating
and this is the most fail blog of my lifeee
and im sooo vair happy that the small child is upstairs
where he can not hear me off tune singing
my lovely voice
straying from the melody
lacking rhyme and reason
and everything else in between
because dont care for reason
and thats so obvious
im not sure why i told you again
but i felt the need to and i want to insert a rhyme but all i can think of is something to with a rhinocerous
and truly nobody wants to hear it
and i just coughed because my throat is starting to hurtt
but i dont really mind
cause i am keeping up with my voice
( my fingers that is)
i hope my brother is not recording this for future torture

oh my lordey
am i done?
i think so
ahahhaha sorry i just had to sing
i havnt got the faintest idea why
i hope i didnt actually sound bad
i was maybe being overly modest
i cant sing
but ahmg
that was enjoyable

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