Friday, December 25, 2009

MERRRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so pretty much i got everything i wanted for christmas
i am severly happy
only not entirely
cause my laptop wont work
and i have to wait till tmmrw to bring it in to the store
i am angry ><
but happy cause at least i got one
stupid computer people screwing with my laptop and putting on their own password
i also got ski goggles!!!
and lots of other cool stuff
its just great
amd this beautiful hoodie that "has been hand made with art and love"
it has a chick wearing a big fuzzy panda mask and riding a lil bike
pretty much
shes my new pwnagepanda
its great
very mee
sassquad and uy got me one of those half naked sexy man posters
.....i love them
best thing ever
i couldnt find tinzel present
sooo im gonna keep looking for this specific item untill i find it .... hmmmmm
the house smells like stuffing mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgdjghihdfnfnjfm
im at the grandss
the grandma is the best cook ever!
its great
and i get her food like 24/7 for the next 3 days
nom nom nom nom nom nom
yeah anywho

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